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Session Hall
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Conference room
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A- 50-60 pax  
B- 50-60 pax   
Both- 150-170 pax
Training Room
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A-60 pax
B-80 pax                                                  
Both- 150-170 pax
Lecture Room
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A-70 pax  
B-70 pax
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1. All employees of the Legislative Branch, (i.e. Office of the Vice Mayor, City Council, City Secretary) shall at all times wear the office I.D. Guests and other non-city personnel shall secure access I.D. s from the information desk located at the ground floor of the legislative wing.

2. All visitors are encouraged to proceed to the OVM or QC Council Information Desk for the visitor’s pass to the Legislative wing. Such pass is required to gain entry to the offices of the City Councilors, the City Secretary, and the Office of the Vice Mayor.

3. The function rooms of the Legislative Building shall be open from 8:00am-5:00pm, every Monday to Friday. Special permission shall be obtained from the Office of the Vice Mayor for the use of the building and the facilities outside of regular hours.

4. Firearms and other deadly weapons are not allowed inside. Such weapons shall be deposited to the House of Security before entering the premises of the building.

5. Posting, installation, drilling, or adhering of posters, decals, stickers and markers are strictly prohibited on all marble, granite, plaster, glass walls and columns of the Legislative Wing. All unauthorized posters, installations, and adhesions will be immediately removed and confiscated by the Maintenance Personnel of the General Services Department.

6. Loitering, littering, smoking and spitting are prohibited within the premises of the legislative building.

7. Ambulant Vendors, Peddlers, Fixers and “Professional Solicitors”shall not be allowed to enter the building.

8. Non- Personnel of the City Hall shall not be allowed to enter after five o’clock (5:00 PM) in the afternoon and before eight o’clock (8:00 AM) in the morning.

9. Chairs, benches or lounge chairs shall neither be allowed nor be placed along the hallways, lobbies and common areas of the Legislative Wing. When an official activity is being held (eg, People’s Day), such materials shall be allowed only for such purpose and shall be immediately removed after the event.


a. The use of the Carlos Albert Hall or the Session Hall is solely for Committees and other activities pertaining to the City Council. Activities not covered by the City Council must have a written consent from the Vice Mayor’s Office.

b. PROPER DECORUM shall be strictly observed inside the Session Hall. Individuals wearing slippers, sandals, short pants, t-shirts, and provocative clothes shall not be allowed to enter the Hall. Smoking, eating, drinking, sleeping and reading of newspapers or magazines are strictly prohibited.

c. Silence shall be strictly observed in the gallery. Applauding or clapping of hands, booing or shouting shall be strictly prohibited at all times. Cellular phones, beepers and other electronic devices shall be turned off or must be put in silent mode before entering the Session Hall.

d. Only children (7) seven years old and above are allowed inside the Session Hall.

e. Photo, video and audio recordings are not allowed inside the Session Hall, unless consent has been secured from the Office of the Vice Mayor.

11. OTHER FUNCTION ROOMS (Conference Room A&B, Lecture Room A&B, Training Room A&B, Inner Ground Floor)

a. The use of the function rooms is open to the public, though Sangguniang Panlungsod Committees shall be given priority. Letter of request should be submitted to the Office of the Vice Mayor, stating the purpose, time, date and number of participants. Must accomplish reservation forms and is subject for confirmation of the Office of the Vice Mayor.

b. Activities, programs or assemblies to be conducted should follow these guidelines

1. Activities, programs or assemblies shall not disrupt of hamper official working hours and transactions.

2. Organizers shall be mindful of the noise level of their audio system.

3. Streamers or backdrops shall be properly installed or set up in appropriate backing medium. Stringing, posting, nailing or drilling to marble, granite, plaster, glass walls and columns is strictly prohibited.

4. The organizers shall be held responsible for the cleaning removal or dismantling of equipment and other paraphernalia used after the activity, programs or assembly.

5. The requesting office, department or any organization shall be accountable for any damage to government property or equipment, including personal injury or damage as a consequence of its activity, programs or assembly and must comply with the Legislative Wing guidelines.

12. The Second Floor Lobby Atrium shall be kept clean and free from all forms of litter and obstructions. The granite seal of the Sangguniang Panlungsod is strictly off limits to pedestrian traffic and shall be kept clear of any form of obstruction or defacement.
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