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Atty. John Thomas S. Alferos III
City Government Department Head III
Contact Nos.; 988-42-42 local 8336
Admin-8313, Legis-8314, Archive-8315, Journal-8335
The Office of the City Secretary which was created pursuant to Commonwealth Act No. 502, as amended by Republic Act 537 (the Revised Charter of Quezon City), in relation to Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the “Local Government Code of 1991”, is the Secretary to the City Council, the Board of Tax Appeals, and such other boards and committees that may be created thereafter. It is a vital component in local legislation. It provides administrative, secretarial and/or legislative services and technical support to the Quezon City Council in the performance of the latter’s legislative functions, as the deliberative and policy-making body of the City Government.
Being a mandatory office performing specific functions and responsibilities and exercising powers defined in Section 469 of RA 7160, in particular, the Office of the City Secretary actually performs the following functions and responsibilities:
  1. Undertakes the formulation, preparation, reproduction and distribution of records for the regular and special sessions of the City Council, committee meetings and public hearings conducted by the regular committees and attending to the various needs of the City Council;

  2. Prepares the agenda, records and keeps the minutes and legislative journals of the proceedings of City Council’s sessions and meetings;

  3. Conducts researches in aid of legislation;

  4. Reviews for refinement and correction and final production of all approved legislative measures for the signature of the City Vice Mayor and the City Mayor;

  5. Posts and publishes approved revenue measures and ordinances with penalty clauses;

  6. Repository of all legislative records and documents officially acted upon by the City Council including all approved ordinances and resolutions and the materials and annexes forming integral parts thereof, including records of public character;

  7. Provides liaisoning services between the City’s executive departments and offices and the City Council;

  8. Records in a book kept for the purpose approved legislative measures and other records and documents forwarded to and received by the office;

  9. Responds to numerous queries and requests for assistance from various sources;

  10. Refers and transmits to appropriate committees proposed ordinances and resolutions and other matters of legislative character referred thereto by the City Council;

  11. Furnishes copy of approved ordinances and resolutions to all concerned officials of the City, including government officials and the private sector;

  12. Helps formulate plans and programs and special activities of the City Council;

  13. Assists in the preparation of proposed legislative measures;

  14. Acts as the information base of legislative programs and activities;

  15. Attests to all resolutions adopted and ordinances enacted by the City Council;

  16. Acts as the Chairman of the Special Review Committee on Barangay Ordinances created under Resolution No.SP-29, S-92, in relation to Sec. 57 of RA 7160, the Local Government Code of 1991, which is principally tasked to determine whether barangay ordinances and executive orders submitted for review are consistent with law and existing city ordinances and submit its report to the City Council for confirmation/approval;

  17. Acts as Secretary to the NGO and PO Accreditation Committee, created under Ordinance No. SP-23, S-92, pursuant and in relation to Sec. 108 of RA 7160 and Art. 64 of the IRR of RA 7160, which is particularly tasked to conduct pre-verification, review and evaluation of the applications for accreditation of civil society and private organizations, NGOs and POs, to be submitted to the committee for final review and consequent City Council approval;

  18. Acts as Secretary to the Special Investigation Committee on Administrative Cases Against Elective Barangay Officials pursuant to Ordinance No. SP –798, S-99, as amended by Ordinance No. SP-805, S-99, puruant to section 61 (e) of RA 7160, acting as quasi-judicial body to investigate and hear complaints against any erring elective barangay officials;

  19. Provides administrative services to the City Council members, its personnel and staff;
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