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Upholding the Rights of a Child Towards a Child Friendly Quezon City

Local stakeholders are currently engaging themselves in different programs in ensuring that all children in the Philippines will have the right to survival, development, protection and participation. In line with this objective, the Quezon City Government took the initiative of promoting a Child-Friendly Quezon City. The 18th Quezon City Council, headed by its Presiding Officer Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina G. Belmonte, enacted this landmark legislation on children and youth known as “The Quezon City Children’s Code of 2012”.

This ordinance, adopting the core principles of the UN Convention and other relevant Philippine laws on children, aims to recognize and uphold the rights of all children and to establish a local development plan that aims to further expound the protection and the rights of a child to uplift his/her standard of living.

It is also in line with the objective of the Philippine National Strategic Framework for Plan Development for Children (2000 – 2025) or Child 21 in conformity with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child wherein the Philippines is one of its signatories.

The Quezon City Council for the Protection of Children (QCCPC), which was created under the “Quezon City Children’s Code of 2012”, was mandated to formulate the City’s Local Development Plan for Children (LDPC).

These various initiatives of the 18th City Council will guarantee that the children of Quezon City will have more chance of a better and productive life ahead of them. Lastly, Quezon City will continue to be one of the forerunners in producing competent individuals that will shape the next generations in promoting a Child-Friendly Quezon City.

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