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The Honorable City Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina G. Belmonte delivered the third and final report of the 18th City Council after the overwhelming mandate two years ago to serve the people of Quezon City.

Vice Mayor Belmonte is very proud that the council worked hard in ensuring that the Council embraces a work ethic that is consistent with the call of times – one that favors efficiency and professionalism that puts a premium on excellence over political expediency. Relative to this, the report of the DILG Local Governance gave the current Council a high rating in the area of legislation for its comprehensive legislative tracking system.

This high standard of service is due to adequate research that is sensitive to all opinions of the various sectors and accommodates the current concerns of the public, Vice Mayor Belmonte added.

At the start of the report, she did not forget to commend some of the landmark ordinances of the City including the Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance, which was highly praised by environmentalists, the media and the business sector for its pragmatism and fairness.

The Quezon City Children’s Code of 2012 is also one that is highly praised by many NGOs and government agencies.

In the face of allegations and irregularities, the Council likewise initiated numerous reforms that would ensure that they would be sheltered from elements that could threaten its positive image. The creation of the Screening Committee and Personnel Database served as their weapon against so-called ‘ghost employees’.

Vice Mayor Belmonte was also grateful to Mayor Herbert M. Bautista for the shared leadership he instituted in the City. This innovative governance mechanism has allowed both branches of government to work more closely together towards making speedy, significant and sustainable improvements in the lives of the citizens.

Further, she highlighted the ordinances, which will help translate into reality the Mayor’s priority agenda of developing a strong economic environment. First of which is the creation of a Central Business District which is very critical in attracting sustainable investments to the City that will lead to the generation of revenue and more employment opportunities for the citizens.

The passage of an ordinance requiring all business establishments to install closed circuit television systems or CCTVs which will serve as their mechanism to deter crimes and also to help the police to solve crimes.

The City Council's Presiding Officer highlighted the priorities of the Council before their term end. These priorities include the Local Investment Incentives Code and Zoning Ordinance, which will ensure a competitive business environment and to provide investors with a sense of security or investor confidence in pouring money into the City.

Towards the end of her speech, she thanked the members of the Council for putting in their dedication and hard work in making a difference in the lives of Quezon City residents.

In conclusion, Vice Mayor Belmonte encouraged the Council members and all the people to continue to work together towards good governance.

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