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Room 313 3rd Floor, Legislative Wing, City Hall Complex, Quezon City
Contact Nos.: 988-42-42 local 3013 and 3014

Education and Qualifications

Bachelor of Laws
Arellano Law Foundation


AB Political Science
Republican College

Achievements and Recognitions
  • 3rd Termer, City Councilor, District 5, Quezon City
  • SK Chairman, Barangay San Bartolome District II, Quezon City
  • Adviser, SK Chairmen's League
  • Full Termer, City Councilor, District II, Quezon City
  • Ex-Officio, Barangay San Bartolome District II, Quezon City
  • President, QC Katipunan Lions Club District 301-D2
  • President, Novaliches Executive Lions Club
  • Adviser, Konseho ng Kababaihan sa Bagong Milenyo
  • Outstanding Zone Chairman, Lions Club International
  • Highest Achievement Award for Civic Leaders
  • Youngest Lions Club President in the Philippines
  • Most Outstanding Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Club International
  • Melvin Jones Fellow, Lions Club International
  • Vice Rector, Cursillo 2000
  • President, San Lorenzo Ruiz Cursillo Team
  • Couples for Christ
  • Parish Renewal Experience (PREX)
  • President, Lions Club International
  • President, Rotary Club International of Novaliches
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Milestone Legislation
  • SP-2297, S-2014 Half-Cup Rice Ordinance requiring the food service industry within the territorial jurisdiction of Quezon City to include half (1/2) cup and/or order of cooked rice in one of their default servings, providing penalty thereof and for other purposes.

  • SP-2610, S-2017 Ordinance prescribing for a standard burial assistance in the amount not exceeding ten thousand pesos (P10,000) for indigent residents of Quezon City. Increasing the burial assistance from P3,000 to a maximum of P10,000.

  • SP-2470, S-2015 Ordinance making it unlawful for any person taking undue advantage and/or fraudulently misrepresenting himself/herself by using or facilitating the use of reserved spaces intended for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and senior citizens in malls, public utility transport and in all public and private establishments in Quezon City.

  • SP-2604, S-2017 Ordinance requiring all business establishments in Quezon City with business name in their signboard and/or signage in foreign language to have accompanying English translations providing penalties therefor and for other purposes.

  • SP-7128, S-2017 Resolution conveying an entreaty to Niantic, Inc. developer of the reality mobile game POKEMON GO to exclude from putting lure locations in inappropriate places like government offices, schools and places of worships within the territorial jurisdiction of Quezon City

  • SP-6960, S-2016 Resolution ton include the members of tricycle operators and drivers associations (TODA) of Quezon City under the City’s PHILHEALTH-Sponsored Program.

  • SP-6958, S-2016 Resolution to conduct inventory and obtain the necessary documents on Hilltop Subdivision located in Barangay Lagro pertaining to its open spaces and to formally request for an official turnover of the same.

  • SP-6004, S-2014 National Housing Authority executing a Deed of Donation in favor of Quezon City government to effect the Transfer of Titles and turnover of the parcel of lands being occupied by Barangay Capri, Capri Gawad Kalinga Multi-Purpose Hall, Narra Day care Center, Capri Area 1 Outpost and Capri Area 4 Outpost, all in Barangay Capri.

  • SP-6210, S-2014 Resolution authorizing the Honorable Mayor Herbert M. Bautista to enter into a Contract of Usufruct with the Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) represented by its Director General Honorable Joel J. Villanueva for the use of a parcel of land (Lot 10, Block 17 Lrc Psd-13293) Covering six hundred thirty square meters (630 m) the site of the center of technical excellence for biomedical equipment servicing located at Dahlia Avenue, Barangay Fairview, this City.

  • SP-5891, S-2014 Resolution authorizing the Honorable Mayor Herbert M. Bautista to sign as Donee to the Deed of Donation and to Accept for and in behalf of the Quezon City Government three (3) fire trucks donated by the Chiba City Government of Japan, subject to existing laws, rules and regulations.

  • SP-5958, S-2014 Resolution interposing no objection to the construction, operation and maintenance of the Metro Manila Skyway-Stage Three (3) Project, within the territorial Jurisdiction of Quezon City.

  • SP-6134, S-2014 Resolution urging Maynilad Water Services, Inc. to provide water distribution and/or installation of water facilities to the residents of Hilltop Novaliches Subdivision, Barangay Lagro, Quezon City consistent with the General Welfare Clause of the Local Government Code Of 1991.

  • SP-6039, S-2014 Resolution strongly urging the Quezon City Government to include in the list of programs and projects to be undertaken under the infrastructure program of the City the Drainage System of Rockville II Subdivision, Barangay San Bartolome, this City.

  • SP-6218, S-2014 Resolution authorizing the Quezon City Government through the Honorable Mayor Herbert M. Bautista, to procure two Hundred (200) units of ballistic helmets and two hundred (200) units of bulletproof vests and to be donated and utilized by the Quezon City Police District (QCPD, subject to existing laws, rules and regulations.

  • SP-6343, S-2015 Resolution urging the Honorable Mayor Herbert M. Bautista to install Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras along the stretch of Tullahan River in the vicinity of District 5 for flood monitoring and for other purposes.

  • SP-6474, S-2015 Resolution urging the Honorable Mayor Herbert M. Bautista to install Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in all major thoroughfares in District 5.

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Legislative Agenda
  • Strengthening of City Ordinances by providing stiffer penalties to violators and crimes committed by the use of modern technology.
  • Strengthening of the prevention or prohibition, protection and partnership with regard to the campaign against illegal drugs in the city.
  • Capacity-building of People’s Organizations and Non-government groups to enable them as partners against all kinds of criminality.
  • Improvement of the quality of primary and secondary education in the classrooms.
  • Promotion of safety in schools and campuses through the establishment of student RFID (Student Tracking) system.
  • Protection of children’s welfare against tobacco, substance abuse, illegal drugs and other forms of child abuse, outside and inside the school.
  • Promotion of children’s health and family relations.
  • Establishment of free hospitalization and medicines for indigent families in all city-owned hospitals in the city.
  • Classification or Ratings of restaurants and similar food establishments vis a vis their Sanitary Inspection Report.
  • Prohibiting supermarkets, grocery stores and similar establishments by including food items in seasonal, Christmas gift baskets with shorter shelf life or expiration dates.
  • Free mortuary services to indigent residents of Quezon City. Increasing the burial assistance from P 10,000 to P 25,000.
  • Food security for all Quezon City residents. Enactment of an anti-poverty ordinance.
  • Establishment of a database or QC Registry System for program beneficiary identification to capacitate quick response operations, thereby creating a QC resident identification system.
  • Grant of social pension in the amount not exceeding P1,000 to indigent senior citizens who are at least seventy (70) years old.
  • Increasing financial assistance to families left homeless in fire-razed communities.
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