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- Background
- Flagship Programs
- Projects & Programs
- The 18th City Council
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Contact Info
2/F Legislative Wing, City Hall Complex, Quezon City
Contact Nos.; 988-4242 local 8205, D1-8128, D2-8152, D3-8158, D-8159

1996     MA Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London
1995     MA Museum Studies, University of  Leicester, United Kingdom
1992     AB Social Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University
Achievements and Recognitions
2011     Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
2011     Ambassador of Peace, Universal Peace Federation
2010     Gawad Gabriela

Organizations and Affiliations

2010 – Present      President Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc.
2001 – 2010      President Quezon City Ladies Foundation, Inc.

  • QC Protection Center for Women, Children and LGBT – is a one-stop-shop facility for victims of abuse located at the Quezon City General Hospital. It provides legal services, police assistance, medical assistance, medico-legal examinations, counseling and psychiatric evaluation, and referral to a temporary shelter program. Since its establishment in December 2011, it has served the following:


Basic Counseling/Intake                  
Legal Service                              
Police Assistance                  
Barangay Assistance              
Psychiatric Evaluation                     
Continuous Counseling                   
Temporary Shelter    
98 clients
44 clients
30 clients
20 clients
14 clients
13 clients
3 clients
2 clients

The Center has also conducted capacity building in the following areas:

    • Gender Sensitive Handling of VAWC clients/patients for 200 GAD focal persons, women’s desk officers and QCGH personnel
    • Specialized Training for management of children maltreatment cases for protection center service providers
  • QC Hall Breastfeeding Station - established in March 2012 at the Ground Floor of the Legislative Building to encourage working mothers to continue breastfeeding and to accommodate nursing mothers transacting business in City Hall.  The facility complies with DOH requirements and has a play area suited for small children of nursing mothers. Pregnant City Hall employees are provided with mother’s classes and vitamin supplements here in cooperation with the City Health Department.
  • Values Formation For Parents – is a four-weekend seminar-workshop for parents of elementary and high school students in cooperation with the Division of City Schools. It is intended to nurture proper and desirable values among parents so that they may become responsible and concerned members of society, and parental skills.  About 11,577 parents have finished the workshop.
  • Urban Farming - encourages the cultivation of vegetables using organic methods to improve nutrition and as a source of livelihood. To date, 30 farms in public elementary schools, 37 community-based farms and 1 rooftop garden have been developed.  The project has conducted 144 orientations with a total of 10,080 participants.  Its partners include the Department of Agriculture, the QC Nutrition Council, SSDD, Barangays and the Division of City Schools. Barangay officials from as far as Amulong and Pangasinan have visited the Demo Farm located at the Quezon Memorial Circle.  It has also hosted 30 school field trips from private schools.
  • Child-Friendly QC Movement - is an initiative that aims to the rights of children to survival, development, protection and participation. The program conducted 106 seminar-workshops/consultations as part of the legislative process for the QC Children’s Code of 2012. It also organized a citywide Children’s Summit for child rights advocates. Two ongoing programs under this initiative include:
    • Operation Birthright – 2,332 children have been registered for free
    • Right to Play – 1,385 children availed of free rides, games and amusement at the QC Memorial Circle
  • YGREEN QC or Youth for a Green Quezon City – formed youth advocates to lead in the promotion and facilitate implementation of the agreed QC youth agenda in all barangays

On Health Services
  • Health Caravan                                                   14,337 beneficiaries
    - Includes medical consultations, bloodletting, X-Ray, wellness massage and distribution of medicines, and onsite Philhealth registration
  • Eye Screening - A comprehensive screening of eye diseases in partnership with Borough Medical Institute, Perfect Eyesight Center and QC Eye Center with a total of 4,014 beneficiaries
    • Eye Refraction                                         346 beneficiaries
    • Cataract operation                                    35 patients
    • Cataract Screening                                   281 patients
    • Distribution of prescription glasses             384 beneficiaries
    • Distribution of reading glasses                   335 beneficiaries
    • Other Eye Diseases
        • Pterygium                                 15 patients
        • Glaucoma/Retina detachment     69 patients
  • Anti-pneumonia vaccination for 515 children
  • Health awareness campaign
    • Cervical cancer awareness
    • First aid and basic life support
    • Medical Assistance Program
      • Sagip Buhay Medical Assistance Program through the Office of Speaker Belmonte        2,729 patients
      • Distribution of medicines             599 individual
  • Maternal Health Care Project – 2,000 pregnant mothers from Brgys. Tatalon and Pansol are currently enrolled in this program that provides the following services: pre-natal check-up, post partum check-up, new born screening, nutrition and child health care services
  • Breastfeeding Advocacy Program – 333 community-based breastfeeding  councilors were organized and trained to promote exclusive breastfeeding
  • Pap Smear Examination – 1,322 women served
  • Breast Cancer Awareness and Examination Program – 1,183 women served
  • Cervical Cancer Vaccination Program – 300 women served
  • Cleft Lip/Palate Care Program – 87 children screened and operated
  • Nutri-Juice Feeding Program – for 2,500 children from Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School who were diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia
  • Supplemental Feeding Program – for 430 children in Bagong Silanganan Elementary School from grades 2 to 6
  • Distribution of 2,000 packs of oral hygiene kits to school age children
  • Distribution of 286 school chairs in Payatas A Elementary School and Payatas B Elementary School
Senior Citizens
  • Zero Cataract Program – 860 screened, 322 individuals operated
Other Health Related Projects
  • Human Anti-Rabies Vaccinations – 1,139 individuals served
  • Sagip Buhay Medical Assistance Program – 1475 patients served
  • Donated platelet/blood units for 27 patients
  • Medical and Dental Mission – 1,374 patients served
  • Anti-dengue clean-up drive, spraying and information dissemination campaign in different barangays
  • QC Blood Olympics – 436 bags of blood collected, which can be donated free to patients in need
  • Mental Health Awareness Campaign – 1,000 people from different schools and universities participated in the commemoration of World Suicide Prevention Day to promote information awareness about depression and online counseling
  • Distribution of wheelchairs – more than 100 wheelchairs distributed
  • Distribution of medicines – about 6,000 patients served
On Education
  • CHED Special Study Grant Program 1,066 beneficiaries
  • Module Development on Adolescent Reproductive Health Education in partnership with Division of City Schools and Women’s Health Care Foundation
  • School supplies distribution 12,200 children
  • Distribution of oral hygiene kits 1,800 children
  • Donation of computer sets to 5 schools for their computer literacy program
  • Gabay Guro Program in partnership with Smart Foundation, attended by 250 masteral teachers to enhance education through scholarships, English proficiency and computer literacy
  • Distribution of graduation leis  69,811 students
  • Library Development program – Books wand computers were donated to the Novaliches Public Library, and in 6 other public elementary schools in Quezon City
  • Distributed school bags and school supplies to 7,837 indigent students
  • Distributed 3,460 umbrellas to school-age children in District 3
  • SPED Training for Daycare Workers- 50 participants trained on early detection and intervention approaches in teaching children with special needs
On Livelihood, Skills Training and Employment
  • Livelihood caravan                                               6,173 beneficiaries
    - Skills trainings on meat processing, balloon art and décor, soap making, perfume making, fashion jewelry making, Christmas décor making, fish processing, candy making, bag making, candle making, tie and dye shirt printing, throw pillow making, gift wrapping and ribbon making
  • Job fair                                                               1,714 applicants
  • TESDA skills training                                          1,411 graduates
    - On food and beverage, bartending, hilot wellness massage, housekeeping, household services, motorcycle small engine repair, barista
  • Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program                352 beneficiaries
    - In partnership with the Ateneo School of Governance
  • Distribution of Livelihood Umbrellas                       1,239 beneficiaries
  • Women Entrepreneur’s Bazaar
    - 57 trade exhibitors made P 704,029.42 gross sales in five days
  • Conducted entrepreneurship training and other livelihood support programs, such as product development, skills upgrading, and marketing and sales, especially in ‘green’ enterprises that use environmentally sustainable materials and processes like tarpaulins and paper
  • Organized trade fairs and technology exhibits to promote micro entrepreneurs
  • Conducted an Industry Forum attended by 104 companies to develop strategies aimed at meeting the skills and employment requirements of Quezon city-based businesses
  • Conducted community-based livelihood skills trainings for 2,291 individuals, mostly women, in various technologies
  • Conducted Basic Training of Trainers (TOT) Program for 83 community-based technology skill trainers, who are now deployed as trainers for programs organized by Sikap-Buhay, SSDD and the Joy ng Kabuhayan
  • Organized a Follow-up Training of Trainers (TOT) Program on Training Program Module Development, resulting in the development of 12 standard skills training modules
  • Offered technical-vocational training in the following competencies
    • Barista: 308 trainees
    • Small Engine repair: 42 trainees
    • Household: 6 trainees
    • Food and Beverage: 363 trainees
    • Hilot Wellness Massage: 49 trainees
    • Bartending: 364 trainees
    • Housekeeping: 67 trainees
  • Assisted in job placement for more than 30% of tech-voc graduated in various Quezon City Establishments
  • Sponsored 150 enrollees for the Carinderia Culinary Training under Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) program
On Environment
  • Learning caravan was conducted simultaneously in 142 barangays of Quezon City. About 5,000 youth leaders joined the discussion on the negative effects of Climate Change in Urban Areas.
  • Spearheaded the Youth Summit Activity participated by 1,200 leaders aimed at formulating a Youth Agenda on Climate Change
  • Conducted a simultaneous ‘Learning Caravan’ in the 142 barangays of Quezon City. About 5,000 youth leaders joined the discussion on the negative effects of Climate Change participated in by 1,200 leaders aimed at formulating a Youth Agenda on Climate Change
On Sports Development
  • Champs for Joy Basketball Tournament
    - A barangay-based grassroots competition that aims to discover fresh, new talent to be part of TEAM QC that represents the City in all major basketball tournaments.  This year, 89 barangays participated with 148 teams and 2,200 individual players.
  • Basketball Referees Refresher Course                    16 individuals
  • Competitive Sports Training Program
    • Muay Thai - 2 training locations, 110 individual trainees
    • Wrestling - 2 training locations, 110 trainees                              
    • Taekwondo - 1 training location, 50 individual trainees,30 training scholars
    • Swimming  - 1 training location, 50 individual trainee
  • Repainting and relighting of Basketball Courts - 1 finished, 23 more in progress
  • Swimming training program for 20 special children in partnership with Special Olympics-NCR North           
  • Alternative sports and arts Xsena in partnership with Skate Pirate and Limitado participated by 240 individuals and 400 spectators
  • Run to Build - a fun run with Johnny Abarientos and Friends participated in by 606 individuals
  • Competitions
    • Batang Pinoy
      • 2011 NCR Leg: 127 young athletes, 16 coaches, 50 gold medals, 36 silver medals and 22 bronze medals
      • 2012 NCR leg : 168 young athletes, 20 coaches, champion over-all with 46 gold medals, 68 silver medals and 58 bronze medals
    • Philippine Olympic Wrestling Championship 2012 Buno
      • 50 wrestling team members, over-all champion
    • Philippine National Games
      • 15 athletes, 4 coaches, 2 gold medals, and 2 silver medals
    • 1st QC Special Olympics        324 athletes
    • New Face Taekwondo Championship
      • 50 athletes, 10 coaches, 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals
  • Summer Clinics for Beginners – 3,472 children joined the summer sports clinic for swimming, track and field, chess, volleyball, soccer, sepak takraw, boxing, arnis and baseball
  • Competitive Training Program (TeamQC) – Athletes or varsity players from public elementary and high schools join this pool of trainees. Objective of which is to identify and train young world class athletes to represent Quezon City in national and international competitions. The first TEAM QC formed for basketball won all matches played against NCR opponents to become champion in the recently concluded COCA-COLA HOOPLA. Ten of the players are now college scholars.
  • BPSO Arnis Training – 600 participants were trained
  • Basketball Coach Training – 74 participants were trained
  • Street Soccer-Soccer training for 350 out-of-school and children at risk
On Culture and the Arts
  • QC Film Commission
    • QCinema Film Festival

- A project that encourages independent filmmakers to produce screenplays that will promote the City. A total of 71 entries were submitted for the 1st Quezon City Film Festival. Winners will receive grants to help them produce their films.

  • Cine QC

- Barangay-based free film showing; 24 barangays and 5 public schools benefitted; 29 different films were screened with a total of 3,860 viewers

  • Quezon City Performing Arts

- To date, 340 underprivileged children are receiving scholarships in dance, voice, Filipino instruments and guitar instruction.  These scholars have participated in various festivals and competitions, both local and international, garnering citations and honor for the City.  They have mounted fundraising concerts such as “Dahil Batang QC… Panalo Ako” and “Dance for Hope” and have been invited to 81 shows for various organizations and barangays.

  • Voices

- A Christmas chorale competition participated in by 5 groups for the elementary school category, 11 groups for the high school category and 7 community-based groups

  • Danz For Joy

- A Hip Hop Dance Competition participated in by 478 youths, comprising 39 barangay-based dance groups

  • Jazz at the Hub

-A mini-concert at the Ayala Technohub launching the celebration of the National Arts Month

  • Zumba ni Lola

- An aerobic competition for Senior Citizens participated in 800 senior citizens representing  28 groups from 27 barangays

On Disaster Response
  • Relief Operation and support
    • Fire victims                                            3,823 individuals
    • Flood victims                                         31,338 individuals
    • Kasiglahan Village, Montalban                5,600 individuals
  • Medical Mission for Habagat Victims                 7,166 individuals
On Other Services
  • 2,344 beneficiaries for the financial/medical assistance extended through the Office of Speaker Belmonte
  • Other Material Support
    • Furniture and fixtures for 3 elementary schools and 5 daycare centers
    • Various items for 370 schools, community organizations and barangays
    • 6,959 grocery packs for 1,303 beneficiaries
    • Snack packs for 1,090 individuals from various organizations
    • Toiletry packs for the inmates of the QC female dormitor
  • Women’s Caravan - community-based advocacy campaign for women’s rights. Services include on-site Phil health registration, information booth and registration for solo parents, seminar on micro-financing for micro and small enterprises, reproductive health consultation, STD/AIDS consultation, personality development, cooking demo, legal consultation, VAWC desk, health and wellness.  4,617 women have participated.
  • Orientation on Women Related Laws
    • On RA 9208 Änti-Trafficking of Persons Act - in partnership with International Justice Mission and attended by 92 law enforcers including station commanders and women’s and children’s desk officers
    • Seminar Workshop on Comprehensive and relevant response to victims of VAWC - in partnership with International Social Service Philippines and GADRCO, 60 GAD focal persons and other barangay officials attended.
  • Legal Services
    • Since May 2012, FIDA lawyers have served a total of 94 clients with cases mostly on VAWC, child support and custody, and annulment.
Drug-free QC Program (QCADAAC and TAHANAN)
  • Launched the QCADAAC InfoBoard in partnership with SMART Communications that will encourage citizens to actively participate in the illegal drug prevention and control campaign thru intelligence gathering
  • Institutionalization of drug abuse prevention education in tertiary education curricula in partnership with the QC Polytechnic University.
  • Drug Abuse Prevention Education Seminars for 1,297 individuals and 1,671 students
  • Launching of the QC Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center Website
  • Establishment of the Children and Adolescent Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center
  • Hands by Tahanan is a social enterprise program included in QCDTRC’s residential and aftercare programs. 
  • DOH reaccreditation of QCDTRC and development of a new Manual of Operation bearing the therapeutic community modality. 
  • Integrated Drug Abuse Data and Information Network or IDADIN trained personnel to gather data and monitor the number of drug abusers in the country.
Persons with Disabilities
  • Basic Sign Language Training for 30 frontline City Hall employees and 24 police officers
  • National Disability Prevention Week Celebration with 1,500 Persons With Disability availing of various services - hearing screening, disability screening, issuance of PWD Benefit Card, medical and dental services, facial and haircutting services, voters’ education and registration, and livelihood demo for the deaf
People’s Participation
  • 133 General Assemblies of volunteers from community-based organizations participated in by 9,837 individuals

The 18th City Council

The 18th City Council has approved 149 ordinances and 626 resolutions in the past year. One hundred fifteen (115) Proposed Ordinances and three hundred seventy five (375) proposed resolutions have undergone first reading and are awaiting committee deliberation.
Since the previous Ulat sa Bayan, twenty six (27) regular sessions were held and two (2) special sessions were convened to deliberate urgent measures. A total of 247 meetings of various committees were conducted.   The Committee on Laws, Rules and Internal Government, which convenes religiously every Wednesday, has set the benchmark for the conduct of council meetings.   To address urgent and pressing concerns, privilege speeches have been delivered by various Councilors, resulting in investigations and reforms.

In addition to the Quezon City Council Official Website (quezoncitycouncil.ph), which was developed to promote transparency and nurture an informed citizenry, the Legislative Department has also spearheaded the promotion of an electronic library (e-library), which contains all the approved ordinances and resolutions of the City Council from 1939 to present.  These new tools were designed to disseminate information on all legislative matters as well as Council members’ programs, projects and advocacies. Moreover, our official website has been further improved such that online registration is now possible. Quezon City’s constituents can express their views and sentiments on matters of public policy by entering the Forum icon added in our website.   The general public may also access the agenda via the internet.  Through these new innovations, the City Council further pursues and upholds the principles of good governance.

To further promote transparency and accountability, the Committee on Accreditation led by Councilors Jaime F. Borres and Allan Benedict S. Reyes finalized the implementing rules and regulations of the PAT Ordinance.  This is meant to strengthen the system of partnership in local governance between our government and the people. To date, an additional 132 people’s organizations and non-government organizations were accredited.  Thus, we have 351 organizations that will comprise the Quezon City People’s Council.

The Centralized Intra-Office Database System continues its objective of systematizing the reception of guests and incoming communications for each Councilor’s office to promote efficiency, ensure security and improve documentation.  As a result, City Legislators have more time to craft priority ordinances and resolutions that are vital and responsive to the issues and concerns of our constituents.
The 18th Quezon City Council officially reduced its paper usage during its 59th Regular Session last June 04, 2012 with the passage of a resolution towards a paperless council. Slowly, the City Council is becoming accustomed to using laptop computers to access the agenda and proposed measures every session. This is in line with the government’s thrust to apply technology towards greater efficiency and sustainability.


Executive Department Briefing with the 19th City Council


MOA Signing with UP NCPAG


Media Activity with the 19th City Council


Awarding of Outstanding QC Policemen


Flag Ceremony


Legislative Management Orientation for QC Officials


Local Legislative Award


Courtesy Visit of San Jose City, Nueva Ecija


Press Conference on the 1st QC Film Festival


People's Day of the Vice Mayor


Courtesy Visit of the Faculty & Staff of San Isidro H.S. Kadinglan, Bukidnon


3rd QC Youth Summit


19th City Council 1st Regular Session


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