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2/F Legislative Wing, City Hall Complex, Quezon City
Contact Nos.: 988-42-42 local 8243 and 8244

Education & Qualifications
2000    MA Entrepreneurship
           Asian Institute of Management        
1985    Bachelor of Science Major in
           Management of  Financial Institutions
           De  La Salle University
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Milestone Legistation
  • SP-5856, S-2013 Resolution authorizing the City Mayor, Honorable Herbert M. Bautista to Enter Into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Araneta Center Inc., for the free use of an area at the Ali Mall Government Center, Level 2, Cubao, this city, which will function as a satellite/extension office (One-Stop Shop) for payment of business and other taxes as well as other auxiliary services.
  • SP-6028, S-2014 Resolution urging the Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to identify and mark clearly the bicycle lanes in Quezon City.
  • SP-6002, S-2014 Resolution enjoining all barangays in Quezon City to conduct a survey/census in their respective jurisdiction to determine the exact number of the Population of Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in their respective barangay.
  • SP-6059,S,2014 Resolution urging all television station/network within the territorial jurisdiction of Quezon City to flash the current Philippine time at least once every hour as part of their public service announcements.
  • SP-6127, S-2014 Resolution commending and supporting the project of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) known as “Bike-Sharing System” which provide free use of bicycle to the public.
  • SP-6013, S-2014 Resolution urging the Quezon City price coordinating council to take the necessary proactive steps in order to stabilize prices and prevent illegal acts of price manipulation for the welfare and protection of consumers.
  • SP-6271, S-2015 Resolution urging the Quezon City price coordinating council to take the necessary proactive steps in order to stabilize prices and prevent illegal acts of price manipulation for the welfare and protection of consumers.
  • SP-6236 S-2015 A resolution authorizing Honorable City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista to negotiate and enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Quezon City (PCCI-QC) represented by its President, Dr. Carl E. Balita, for the establishment, management, operation and maintenance of the Quezon City business Registry databank to be located at Ali Mall Government Center, Araneta Center, Cubao Quezon City.
  • SP-6318, S-2015 A resolution urging the Quezon City Government through the Quezon City Fire District to join in the celebration of the “International Fire-Fighter’s Day” on May 4, 2015 and every year thereafter.
  • SP-6568, S-2015 A resolution requesting the Quezon City Government through the City Mayor, Honorable Herbert M. Bautista to install bicycle ramps at the Quezon City Memorial Circle underpass and in Philcoa underpass.
  • SP-6402, S-2015 A resolution ratifying the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) entered into by and among the Quezon City Government (LGU-QC), represented by the City Mayor Honorable Herbert M. Bautista, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), represented by Undersecretary Analiza Rebuelta-Teh and Gawad Kalinga (GK), represented by Mr. Nicanor T. Palma, Jr., Head, Quezon City Sector, for the Development of a Housing Project for the Residents Of Brgy. Escopa III (Proper) who were victims of fire in 2011.
  • SP-6425, S-2015 A resolution urging the Schools Division Superintendent, Division of City Schools, Quezon City, to enjoined all school heads in the Elementary and High Schools to post the picture of Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon in a conspicuous place to commemorate the former President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and Father of Quezon City.
  • SP-6480, S-2015 A resolution authorizing the City Mayor, Honorable Herbert M. Bautista to create an Executive-Legislative working group for the purpose of establishing twinning ties with the cities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and Quezon City, defining its functions, duties and responsibilities, appropriating funds thereof and for other purposes.
  • PO1922-430 Repealing certain provisions of Ordinance No. SP-2081 Series of 2011 otherwise known as “An ordinance exempting all Senior Citizens of Quezon City from the payment of initial rate for parking fees in establishments, malls, hospitals parking areas, or any similar places charging the same situated within the territorial jurisdiction of the city and providing penalties for violations thereof.
  • Approved on third and final reading on December 7, 2015

On Health Services
  • Feeding Project for Libis Day Care students with 150 beneficiaries
  • Medical Missions in Brgy. Socorro and Brgy. San Roque
  • Health seminars educating families on proper nutrition, hygiene and reproductive health
  • Feeding program at Libis Elementary School
  • Conducted health seminars in different organizations on proper hygiene and reproductive health
  • Medical examinations to senior citizens such as vital signs determination, monitoring, free medicines and weekly maintenance - 1,630 beneficiaries
  • Medical missions in Brgys. San Roque and Socorro – 400 beneficiaries
  • Medical equipment and feeding bottles were donated to Brgy Escopa Health Center and nebulizers were given to Brgys. Bagumbuhay, Escopa, Loyola Heights and Masagana -10, 780 beneficiaries
  • Dental mission - Barangay Villa Maria Clara Day Care Center
  • Dental examination and profiling project to students of Libis and Aguinaldo Elementary Schools - 1, 104 beneficiaries
  • Provide daily exercise to Brgys. Quirino 2A, Quirino 2B, Diquino Zobel, Escopa 3 and Pansol - 390 regular participants
  • Feeding program at Brgys. Libis and Sitio Payong day care centers - 623 beneficiaries
On Livelihood and Employment Services
  • Yes Negosyo Cart for vendors
  • Provided livelihood seminars like bags, beads making and boneless bangus making - 170 beneficiaries
  • Distribution of “Yes Negosyo Cart” to vendors of District III – 28 beneficiaries
  • Store/Stall Facelift project to Brgys. West Kamias, Duyan Duyan, and Bagumbayan
On Education, Culture and Sports Development
  • Day Care Centers – workbook distribution
  • School supplies distribution for 37,000 public elementary and day care students
  • Yearly distribution of basic school supplies (Gamit Pang-eskwela project) to day care centers and elementary public schools - 70,000 beneficiaries
  • Provided monthly workbooks to day care centers -3,350 beneficiaries
  • Book on wheels project to different barangays and schools for storytelling, coloring of activities sheets and feeding for students
  • “Linis Eskwela”project to Juan Sumulong, JP Laurel, Balara and Quirino High Schools for school opening of SY 2012-2013 in cooperation with Manila Water
On Other Community Services
  • Yes Gupitan weekly free haircutting project in every barangay benefitting 1,700 constituents as of September 2011. 
  • Solar Light Project at Sitio Payong Day Care Center and Escopa 1 benefitting 1,489 pupils and residents
  • Distribution of relief goods to fire victims and families of Barangays E. Rodriguez, Socorro and Escopa I and III benefitting 382 families.
  • Yes I Do Mass Wedding – Beneficiaries: 10 couples.
  • Libreng PAYONG Batas – free legal assistance for the residents of Sitio Payong Area 4 in Partnership with the Lyceum College of Law benefitting 300 individuals
  • District Trees of District III – a tree planting project for environmental consciousness. Beneficiaries: Barangays Bagumbayan, Camp Aguinaldo and Ugong Norte; more than 1,000 native and fruit bearing trees have been planted
  • Station 9 Rainwater Collection Task
  • Haircutting project in every barangay - 3,605 beneficiaries
  • Solar Light Bottles project to Brgy. Sitio Payong Area 1 and Brgy. Escopa 1 - 1, 379 beneficiaries
  • Relief goods were given to fire victim families of Brgys. E. Rodriguez, Socorro, Escopa I and III, Pansol and Loyola Heights - 442 beneficiaries
  • Tree planting project to Brgys. Bagumbayan, Camp Aguinaldo and Ugong Norte
  • Yearly mass wedding event for couples living for more than 5 years
  • Free legal assistance to residents of Sitio Payong Area 4 in partnership with the Lyceum College of Law
  • Weekly free “laba” project to 37 Barangays - 4,438 beneficiaries
  • Wheelchair distribution to constituents who are in need
  • Free anti-rabies vaccination for dogs and cats to 37 barangays - 1,267 pets vaccinated
On Infrastructure Projects
  • Day Care Repair and Repainting - Day Care Centers of Sitio Payong, Barangay Old Balara benefitting 80 Students
  • Sitio Payong Potable Water Station for residents of Sitio Payong, Brgy. Old Balara in partnership with Manila Water benefitting 170 Students
  • Urinal and Toilet Improvement and Installation in, Hi-Top and Feria TODA stations. Beneficiaries: 200 tricycle drivers & operators
  • West Kamias Market stalls improvement
  • Pansol Proper re-asphalting
  • School restrooms improvement project benefitting 9,952 students
  • Repainting and improvement of covered courts in Barangay Amihan, Duyan Duyan, Libis, Quirino 2A and Quirino 2B
  • Drinking water station to Barangay Old Balara in partnership with Manila Water - 170 beneficiaries
  • Water fountain was donated to CP Garcia High School, Project 3 Elementary School, Quezon City Health Department, Brgys.Pansol, Loyola Heights and Bagumbuhay in cooperation with Manila Water
  • Barangay basketball court repair and repainting projects to covered courts of Brgys. Duyan-Duyan, Quirino 2B, Quirino 2C, Amihan and Libis
The Four Pillars of Coun. Allan Benedict S. Reyes
Yes Serbisyo, Yes Negosyo, Yes Healthy and Yes Study are the pillars of Councilor Reyes’ which answer to the need of his people. Projects are based on these four pillars which steers his office for numerous activities beneficial to constituents of the Third District.
YES SERBISYO is a community service based program. This program engages Councilor Reyes and his staff in various service oriented activities which will improve the daily lives of our residents.
The Yes Gupitan which provides weekly free haircutting project in every barangay which has served people from all walks of life from barangay staff, street sweepers, market vendors, house help, all the way to students who need a new haircut in time for school opening.
The Solar Light Project provides electricity to the Day Care Center and Burolan using Solar Light Bottles.
Another thing is he provided a better learning environment by rehabilitation and repainting of the Day Care Center, provided repairs and repaint of the urinals and provided a drinking water station in partnership with Manila Water.
The public high schools were cleaned and water supply was improved in time for school opening of SY 2011-2012 District Trees for District III is a tree planting project for environmental consciousness.
The Covered courts were repaired and repainted to inspire residents to be more active in physical activities and to encourage our youth to be more active in sports.
The YES I DO project changes the lives of couples who are living together for more than 5 years by giving the opportunity to have a legal wedlock.
A free legal assistance was given to the residents of Sitio Payong Area 4, there are five (5) Professor-Lawyers who participated in the said program in Partnership with the Lyceum College of Law.
YES NEGOSYO is a livelihood-based program which aims to uplift the current situation of small scale businesses from vendors to sari-sari stores. It would complement his promotion of entrepreneurial spirit among his constituents. Toward this end, he is vigorously pushing for livelihood-based programs in the community.
The Yes Negosyo Cart is a program for the vendors from all over the district who were given carts and additional funding to improve their existing businesses. A Stall Facelift was also conducted to the stalls and sari-sari stores from different areas they were improved to invite more customers/ consumers in their barangay.
YES HEALTHY is a health and wellness based activity which aims to educate the public about common sickness and diseases and the importance of being fit and staying healthy.
In this pillar, the feeding Project was conducted for the less fortunate students of Libis Day Care they were treated to nutritious meals like “Lugaw” and cereal foods and the like, in this monthly project.
He also organized a Health Seminar for different organizations about proper hygiene and reproductive health entitled “YES HEALTHY SEMINAR.
The Medical Mission for were launch in form of free consultation, laboratory and medicines in partnership with MURDECO and PB Joey De Guzman. Aside from this Medical Mission; he also donated Medical equipments and feeding bottles and nebulizers.
The Senior Care Project was form and aims to monitor the health conditions of the senior citizens of the District.
YES STUDY is an educational program which aims to provide basic school supplies to children, academic diagnostic tests and scholarships to deserving students in the District.
In this pillar basic school supplies such as pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers and notebooks were provided to day care and elementary public school students for school opening, to help the parents and lessen their burden of spending much for the school needs of their children. In line with this program he also gave workbooks in the day care centers, this was done monthly as a helping tool to prepare them for elementary school and also to enhance their minds in their future studies. This program tends to trim down the uneducated people in the City.
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